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USP students in Fiji express gratitude for increase in allowance

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Solomon Island Government (SIG) sponsored students studying at the University of the South Pacific, Laucala Campus have expressed their gratitude to the Solomon Island Government for increasing their allowances as of March.


President Solomon Islands Student Association (SISA) USP Morris Orisi in a statement to SBMOnline said the SIG sponsored students studying at Laucala Campus and other institution across Fiji have received their first allowance increase this month, March 2024.

He confirmed it is an increase of 300 FJD from the normal allowances received each month.

“It has been our long-time cry over the years requesting for an increase of allowance due to the many challenges faced in meeting the rising cost of living, education expenses and other necessities.

Today, the students are so grateful for the allowance increase by the SI government. This reflects the profound commitment shown by our government to supporting the educational pursuit and students’ welfare when studying overseas. It also shows how important education is to our country SI,” Orisi said.

He added the increase would have a positive impact on the SIG sponsored students in USP, Fiji to focus more on their studies and pursue their academic goals without the constant worry of financial constraints and a burden to their parents for extra support.

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“ I would also like to extend our immense gratitude to the High Commissioner of Solomon Island to Fiji, HE Joseph Ma’ahnua and his team, and our Education Attache, Elizabeth Ofu for the invaluable and relentless efforts in advocating for the students issues here in Fiji to the government.

Through raising our issues to the government, our voice has been amplified and helped shed light to issues that affect our academic pursuits and wellbeing. Your office’s unwavering commitment to raising the students’ issues to the government has demonstrated your profound understanding of the importance of education to us students studying abroad. Your presence with us being away from home, gives us hope and instills a sense of security and re assurance, knowing that whatever issues we might face in this country, it will not go unnoticed and will always be addressed, so thank you so much,” said president Orisi.

He also acknowledges the former students’ leaders and seniors who studied in various institutions across Fiji, who also advocated for the allowance increase over the years, seeing the need for an increase due to the challenges the students faced in rising cost of living and education expenses .

“Your effort and concern have brought light to the current SIG sponsored student who will be enjoying the increase from now on. Again, thank you very much,” said the president.

Orisi confirmed that the students are now settling in well and focusing on their studies.

‘We are now in the 5th week of schooling and all the students are looking forward to having their MST’s next week and the week after. They have gratefully received their March allowances along with their FIRST semester book allowances already,” he concluded.

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