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TSI gravely concerned by PM’s latest move to by-pass parl. process on constitutional bill

Parliament passed the bill on Tuesday
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Transparency Solomon Islands is gravely concerned that the latest move of the Hon. Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare has dropped an unacceptable bomb on the democratic rights of the citizens of Solomon Islands. Despite the strong opposition to this amendment, by the people on the floor of parliament, today he announces the tabling of this Bill on the 6th of September 2022 and passing it on the 8th of September 2022. On the floor of parliament, he proclaimed that he will defend democracy with his life.  His actions today, has done the opposite, killing the democracy and the democratic process and rights of the people of Solomon Islands.  It is indeed a very sad day for the people of Solomon Islands to have a Prime Minister that cannot be trusted nor sees himself as being accountable to the people of Solomon Islands.

His temporary government and the temporary politicians within his coalition have encroached into the unlimited power and authority of the Democratic State of Solomon Islands, power that belong to the citizens being the permanent part of the State. It is a very shameful move but what do we expect from a Prime Minister that has manipulated the weakness of our legislations to get into power, and now abused and misused the provision in the Constitution not meant for a games event but for crisis that are beyond any government for his own agenda. He has no respect whatsoever of anyone be they ordinary citizens or Solomon Islands educated, experience citizens. Time and again demeans citizens who spoke that they are being influenced by foreign power instead of according them with intelligence, experience, observations and perceptions of the type of leadership his government displays in broad daylight.

Perhaps because of the many frustrations he has with whoever is pulling his strings for their demand for promises that he may have made to them, he decides to take his anger out on the democratic rights of the innocent citizens. All that the citizens want is a listening government, a government that treats them with respect, provides opportunities for them to share their views on important decisions taken that affect their country and them.

If we move the Pacific Games to 2024 the citizens have been informed that we will miss our chance and not host another game for another forty years. Here Transparency Solomon Islands questions the Pacific Games Council.  Is it really okay and right with them that this country must amend the Supreme Law of this country just for the games.  Is the Pacific Games Council intention to deny the people of the democratic country of Solomon Islands their democratic right to go to the polls to exercise their democratic right and choose through their ballot paper who should govern in the next four years for them?  Is the Pacific Games Council so set on politicising the Pacific Games 2023 that it is trampling on the Supreme Law of the Country, the Constitution.  Is it the wish of all the participating countries in the Pacific Games 2023 that the citizens of Solomon Islands be denied their democratic right to go to the polls. What is so hard about Pacific Games Council moving the games to 2024 or after the National General Election 2023.

Transparency Solomon Islands has read through the Charter and see no provision in it that says that the Executive Government parliamentarians will be required to run the Pacific Games and that they must remain in power when the games are on.  Is the Pacific Games Council requiring MPs in the Executive Government to complete and to do so requires them to be in power still.  Transparency Solomon Islands asks these questions given the fact that the Supreme Law of Solomon Islands is being amended because of the games.  Can the Pacific Games Council inform citizens of Solomon Islands of any Pacific country that has amended its Supreme Law for Pacific Games.  The citizens of Solomon Islands need answers because the amendment is due to the Games Charter.  Is it the view of the Pacific Game Council that their Charter is above the Constitution.

Transparency Solomon Islands urges the Executive Government [DCGA] and the Pacific Games Council to explain to the people of Solomon Islands why amend the Constitution.  Isn’t there any other option other than amending our Supreme Law. Is this the kind of reputation that Pacific Games Council want to portray as its image, a games council, that denies Solomon Islanders their democratic right to go to the polls, create disunity in the people of Solomon Islands and has allowed the DCGA Executive Government of Prime Minister Hon. Sogavare manipulate for his own agenda.  Why is just letting the Democratic Coalition Government for Advancement of Hon. Manasseh Sogavare politicise the SPG 2023.

The people of Solomon Islands want the games to be hosted here in Solomon Islands.  It is the politicising of it, the amending of the Constitution and the polarisation it has raised that they are against.

Transparency Solomon Islands, appeals to Members of Parliament on which side of the house you sit, the Speaker of Parliament to stop this madness for the sake of the safety of SP23, peace and democracy.

  • Issued by TSI tonight

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