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Finally at least we now have for the first time a Temotuan who is doing milling of Kava roots and stocks, packing them then selling them locally or exporting them.

After the news of planting Kava (le’nchal’ker) in Temotu rocks the airwaves and newsletters of Solomon Islands now we finally have a product well packed ready for sell.

These are the kind of engagements we want to see in Temotu for locals to engage on. We have other products like Bech Demer Exports, Peanut Butter, Honey Farming, Ginger Butter, Garlic Butter, Bread fruit flour, Fresh Coconut Juice bottling, Coconut Milk powder/ Water, Fresh Drinking Water Bottling, Coconut Oil Production, Pure Cocoa Powder, mince meat, sausages etc.

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No maricle in success, but we create the success in a million miles from the single steps we take each day.

We have been vocally speaking against foreigners taking up our sectors allocated for Locals, but the truth is we talk too much and do nothing or very little.

Its time we locals must raise up to the challenge and take our place in Business activities in the Province and the Country.

What you think?

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