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Second container of eggs from China turned back, officer suspended

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A second container of eggs from China was turned back after it was discovered that a senior Agriculture officer had illegally allowed its importation. The officer, level 10, has since been suspended by the Public Service for permitting a banned product under the bio-security act.

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Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, Lottie Vaisekavea confirmed the suspension to SBMOnline today.

He also confirmed that the first container was sold with ‘white coloured eggs’ but after they were alerted of another one was heading to Honiara; they acted quickly and turned it back.

“We were shocked that a second container was on the way,” he said.

Vaisekavea said after the discovery of the eggs from China and the officer who permitted their importation, they penalized him according to the public service investigation process.

“He (officer) had made an individual decision as in this case it was usually a corporate decision,” said the PS. However, despite that, he added it was a banned product.

“The process was wrong because it didn’t follow the act. But even if it follows the act, we don’t have the technology to go around and deal with it. So better we stop it,” said Vaisekavea.

Meanwhile, the PS said the importation of eggs is prohibited because China has a lot of illnesses in terms of avian (something to do with birds].

He further explained that bio security is something that can enter in the country life. It includes: people, animals, plants and eggs are in that category.

Vaisekavea said because eggs are life materials they can also bring in diseases.

“We are to make sure no new sicknesses arrive here. We really need to protect our country because if any small diseases outbreak they will affect us badly and they will make our efforts null and void,” he said.

The PS also added: “We do not have the resources so its better they don’t come in.”

He said though the eggs were safe to eat they were not allowed for importation under law.


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