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Suspects arrested for allegedly planning to sabotage infrastructures

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Several suspects who alleged to be planning on sabotaging some key infrastructures in the capital have been arrested and detained in custody.

This medium has been well informed that the suspects were arrested by police around the capital over the past few days. The suspects were claimed to be part of a group that’s frustrated with the delay on their claims for settlement by the government. The number of those arrested is still not clear at this stage but it is believed to be less than ten people.

Police this afternoon exclusively confirmed to SBMOnline of the arrests.

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 The RSIPF Media Unit further confirmed that the Royal Solomon Island Police Force (RSIPF) have arrested and brought suspects for questioning.

It adds: “Those suspects are allegedly planning to sabotage or destroy some government national projects and critical infrastructures in Honiara.”

 The statement said police are still investigating this matter and would not be able to provide further details because this is still being investigated.

 “Your police, the RSIPF, is advising the public not to be alarmed on such arrests but continue with business as usual,” the RSIPF Media Unit, stated. 

They also confirmed that the arrests were done by RSIPF officers and not foreign partner officers who are currently working with the police in Honiara.


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