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Surfing takes off on west side as GP embraces the water sport

Some of the GSA members. Photo: GSA FB page
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Surfing is taking off on the west-side of Guadalcanal and advocators of the water-sport are adamant it will grow into popularity for locals and tourists.

Just recently the Guadalcanal Surfing Association was established to enhance surfing in and around Guadalcanal.

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It was founded in the west side with Olotsara Retreat Centre being the centre for surfers.

One of the key figures behind the establishment of the GSA and Australian Josiah McCathy who is a surfing volunteer told SBMOnline that since it started the number of surfers have also increased.

He said with the support of Olotsara, surfing has grown in the west side and they have also started expanding into new areas, including Marau.

McCathy said they are looking to expanding into the Weathercoast and other places around Guadalcanal with the aim to have regular competitions.

He added that out of those competitions they would select a team to represent Guadalcanal to compete against Western Province surfers.

The Western Province Surfers Association has been instrumental in the establishment of the GSA.

McCathy recalled that they started surfing on Guadalcanal after discovering that there were good places to surf rather than having to travel to other provinces.

He said since the discovery of strong waves or swells in the west-side of Guadalcanal, the number of people interested in surfing is also growing.

McCathy said there are three reefs near Olotsara that provide good waves for surfers.

He also reiterated that surfing is a sport and it is good for fitness and health.

On its FB page, the GSA said surfing is an exciting sport that has the potential to attract many young surfers in the future.

“We are delighted to have established a connection with our sister surfing group, the Western Solomon Surfing Association, which is based in the Western Province.

“We are fortunate to have the support of both local experts and international professionals, who are assisting us in our mission to promote surfing in Guadalcanal. It is an excellent opportunity for us to showcase our talent and love for the sport while providing a platform for young people to develop,” the association, said.

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