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Suidani says he’s not surprised by his disqualification as he confirms court challenge

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Former Malaita Premier Daniel Suidani in a statement says the minister of provincial government and institutional strengthening Rollen Seleso’s action against him is an ongoing witch-hunt by the DCGA government under the influence of a foreign power.

In a statement today, Suidani said he will also challenge in the court of law his disqualification as a Member of the Malaita Provincial Assembly.

Seleso today announced that he had disqualified the former premier as an MPA stating that his disqualification was outlined in a letter to Suidani on March 20 which included his ongoing failure to recognize the One China Policy which is a key policy of the National Government which all Provincial Governments are an agent.

The second reason was Suidani’s collusion with Chinese Taipei in defiance of the Sovereign decision of the National Government to recognize the One China Policy.

In a statement tonight, Suidani said he is not surprised by the action of the minister.

He confirmed that he had replied earlier to the minister on his disqualification.

In that response, he pointed out to the minister why in his view he had not been in breach of the provisions of the PGA that the minister relied on to take action against him.

“But knowing who Seleso is and his past actions against the MARA government he will continue to pursue the issue. I am used to this law fare and in fact I expect it to increase,” Suidani said.

He also publicly stated that he will not bow down to such abuse of the law by the DCGA and this minister.

“I believe since in the past the courts have been perceived to be robust. It will be shown in the end that the Minister has acted outside of its powers and abusing his office,” he said.

“As for me, I will continue to stand against the abuse of the state by this minister who thinks he can use the law to fulfil his government’s reckless political agenda. This abuse will be exposed for the world to see for themselves,” said. Suidani said.

Suidani reiterated that will take up the matter with the High Court and seek redress within the timeframe given in the law.



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