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SP confirms power outages due to 4 generators currently out of operation

Solomon Power Chief Executive Officer (Acting) Martin Sam
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By Timothy Inifiri Jr.

With the current power outages experienced in Honiara throughout the week, Solomon Power Chief Executive Officer (Acting) Martin Sam confirmed to the media that this is because four of their generators are currently out of operation due to technical issues.

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Sam confirmed that currently they are working hard on trying to restore as many generators as possible to normalize the current power situation in Honiara.

“We will be trying to restore one that we can possibly quickly restore and that will sort of normalize our power situation here in Honiara by early next week.”

“But the other generators that are referred to, the other three may take longer to restore and which mean it will take maybe three to four months before we restore the remaining generators,” he told the media.

“And also then we will continue to work on the other generators that are out and also those that are de-rated to ensure that we have the capacity from our generation plants for the demand here in Honiara”, said Sam.

With many of the public and business houses affected from the current outages, Sam added that they are ensuring that power is available for other critical customers as well.

“Like at the moment, we are trying to maintain power in the hospital running 24 hours, also we ensure that power is available in the parliament building during their sessions, so that is how we manage these critical customers”, he said.

The acting CEO also highlighted that the four generators currently out of operations are also heavily impacted by the Covid 19 which prolonged the running hours of these generators and also caused delays in the maintenances.

“The impact recently is sort of catching up on us, due to the delays in the schedule maintenances during that time and also the long leaked time which has now taken to procure parts and materials to work on these generators”.

“If we sort of prolong the running hours of these generators then it start to develop technical issues because certain parts of the generators are designed for a certain number of hours only”, he said.

Meanwhile, the current available capacity of power is at 9MWh with the demand in Honiara requiring about 16MWh of power, Sam ensured that things will be back to normal on Sunday 21st May or early Monday May 22nd.

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