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Sogavare: Some of these things never came out to Cabinet

Former PM Sogavare
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Minister of Finance and Treasury and former Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare admits he may trust his ministers too much after discovering that in the first four months of this year the government has lost around $83.6m in tax exemption.

Sogavare revealed in Parliament yesterday serious leakages in government finances especially from exemptions and discretionary exemptions were happening in the ministry he now heads.

He stated that if that was allowed to continue until the end of the year it would cost the government $222.6m.

As a result of his comments, Sogavare came under criticism on social media with many arguing he should blame himself as he was the caretaker PM at that time.

But speaking exclusively to SBMOnline today Sogavare said maybe he was trusting his ministers too much.

“That’s interesting because we assigned ministers to portfolios and they report to cabinet. Some of these things never came out (to the Cabinet).

“When I got out I saw it. Maybe I trusted my ministers too much,” Sogavare admitted.


Under his prime ministership, the MP for North West Choiseul Harry Kuma was the minister of finance and treasury. He was previously the permanent secretary of the same ministry.

Meanwhile in parliament yesterday, Sogavare said the revenue leakage was staggering.

He promised that the Government would review the discretionary exemptions and disallow granting of exemptions from now on to any individual companies.

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