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SI doctor desperately appeals to Sogavare & Marape to help in safe return of his detained daughters

Dr Jack Siwainao daughters at Henderson International Airport (Honiara) on 12/12/2019. They travelled with their late mum to PNG.
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A Solomon Islands’ doctor is appealing to the prime ministers’ of his country and Papua New Guinea for the safe return of his two daughters whom he claimed are held in PNG against their will his death wife’s partner.

Dr Jack Siwainao from Malaita has taken to the social media to raise his case with the hope of his message reaching the highest authorities in both countries.

Here’s Dr Siwaina’s full story

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oshua Himina from Sepik, PNG (late Grace’s new partner) who claims to be a better father to my kids after their mother’s death. And could not give them up.

I am Dr Jack Siwainao from Malaita Province, Solomon Islands. I was trained at UPNG as an undergrad and postgrad. I did my specialist training under Professor Glen Mola, late Professor Amoa and all the O&G Specialist Consultants at Port Moresby General Hospital. I hold a position, as a Specialist Consultant Obstetrician Gynaecologist at the National Referral Hospital in Honiara, for the past 7 years. I am in-charge of the Labour Ward, Infertility Clinic, the O&G Ultrasound services and Postgraduate Obstetrics and Gynaecology specialist training in Solomon Islands.

My daughters travelled with their mum (Grace Gou Nama A’o, who from Kairuku in PNG) to PNG on the 12th of December 2019.

Both of them were born in Honiara, and are both Solomon Islanders.

Mercy Aninono Siwainao (passport number: 118582), born 17th April 2013, now 9yrs of age.

Cinderella Aroahia Siwainao (passport number: 118615), born 30th March 2017, now 5yrs of age.

My daughters and I usually had video chats on messenger, on Saturdays, 4pm, PNG time. The last time I have ever spoken to them was, on the 5th of August 2022, exactly 107 days ago. That was prior to their mother’s death.

Their mother died at Port Moresby General Hospital on, 10th September 2022, with a background history of long-standing uncontrolled hypertension (2012-2022).

After their mother’s death, I tried to talk to them but I was not allowed to.

I inboxed Joshua Himina (who is an administrator of some sort working at Wewak or Sepik) on fb and told him that I am going to get my daughters back. He claimed that he was officially married to Grace, so he is my kids’ legitimate and legal guardian. He claimed to be a better father and more spiritual to take care of my kids.

I am surprised that someone who claims to be more spiritual, signed marriage wows (on 9th August 2022) at the Magistrate, to a legally married woman, not yet divorced. And now using that the unlawful marriage certificate based on lies (that Grace was never married) to claim custody of my children. Nothing is more spiritual than living in adultery, with a legally married woman. BIGAMY is a crime. (I still have our marriage certificate with me).

Grace admitted to me, that fake PNG passports were created for our girls, as well. Instead of been born in Honiara, their birth place was changed to Buka, North Solomons.

She also told me in March 2022, that our girls are using their stepfather’s surname (Himina). We got into a heated argument about her changing our children’s identity without my prior knowledge, or my permission.

Changing my children’s names is a treason to my people of West Are Are, West Kwaio, East Are Are and Olomburi in East Kwaio, in Malaita Province. Our name is our identify. My children’s names tie them to all the land they own on Malaita Island. They don’t own any land in Sepik or have ancestors in Sepik to be called Himina. This is insanity.

I tried to get to the girls but I received threats, in my pursuit of my daughters.

Today, it is 71 days since Grace passed away. Out of respect for Grace and her family, I remained silent, bearing the pain of not knowing the whereabouts of my kids, and not talking to them.

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, Article 7 “sets out children’s right to be registered immediately after birth, to a name, nationality and, – as far as possible – to know and be cared for by their parents.”

All that have happened to my daughters, Mercy and Cinderella, are a breach to this UN Convention that both our countries (Solomon Islands and PNG) have signed.

In my experience of working in PNG, sexual assault or rape is a daily happening. I fear for the safety of my daughters, living in PNG without their biological mother who usually drives them around. The perpetrators who usually people known to the child.

Grace wherever you are today in your life after death. I trusted you so much to allow our kids to go with you. If I had known that you would do this to our children, I wouldn’t have allowed them to board that flight with you. You have unlawfully changed the identity of our children, left them in the hands of Joshua, a man not related to them by blood, and you are gone. I am sorry but today, I have decided to speak up for the freedom of our children cos they would not speak for themselves. I hope you have asked God to forgive you for all these criminal things you have done to our kids.

To me, the changing my children’s identity and the use of threats, amount to human trafficking and kidnapping – I think this is serious crime.

In January 2022, Grace, you said to me as you were feeling sick (blood pressure 180/120 mm Hg), “Jack, if anything happens to me (meaning if I die), please take our girls back to Solomon Islands.” I promise, I will.

I wrote (dated 22/09/22) to the PNG High Commissioner to Solomon Islands in Honiara and attention to Immigration PNG but received no written reply. I received a phone call ones, and that was it. I had asked for the deportation of my daughters back to Solomon Islands. On the 28th of October 2022, I again wrote to the PNG High Com. Since I had no response till today.

Today, I have decided to take the story my daughters to the media inorder to get a faster response.

I therefore call upon the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea, Honourable James Marape, PNG Police, and PNG Immigration to deport my two daughters (living illegally without visa in PNG for more than 2 years) to Solomon Islands, as soon as possible.

I also call upon our Prime Minister, Honourable Manasseh Sogavare, and our Attorney General, John Muria Junior, to liaise with the PNG Government, to ensure my daughters (Solomon Islands citizens) return safely, home.

I am asking all my friends, colleagues, families, my patients, Save the Children, Women Organizations, please advocate for the return of my daughters – please repost this story your walls.

I would also like to ask the Solomon Star, Island Sun, PNG Post Courier, Alfred Sasako etc… to get my daughters’ story and publish it. In this way, we can prevent this from happening to any of our kids in the future.

Thank you all.

Me’etani rete…logo le’a.


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