Home Breaking News Residents say they have to take risk on flooded Betikama road

Residents say they have to take risk on flooded Betikama road

Residents crossing the flooded Betikama road today
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Residents and those who own gardens along the Betikama area in east Honiara have to take risks with water reaching their waists to cross to and from the main-road today due to flooding.

The Betikama Road remains flooded this evening following yesterday and last night’s rain.

As of 5pm this afternoon, the road stayed under water.


The persistent rain has caused flooding in certain parts of the country. In Honiara, the rising Lunga River had threatened to spill over to the main-road but after improved weather today it had receded.

However, the Betikama road and its surroundings remained inundated with water coming from nearby streams inaccessible to vehicles. The water though exits via the new drainage at Burns Creeks most of it recycles back into the running water causing the flood.

Many residents spoken to who had crossed the flood today said they had to come to town to acquire food as their gardens were still under water.

One of the females said she had to risk her life just to buy food for parents.

Another male said he had to go to his garden to harvest food for today but sadly all his crops were under water when he arrived at his garden.

Nick Wate who crossed the flood with his head on his head said he needed to go up to see if their house was still okay or already washed away.

“I have to cross the flood to see what has happened to our house,” he said.

Another mother who had just retuned from her garden said he came back with an empty bag because her garden was washed away this morning.

According to residents in the area, it might take a day for the flood to recede to its pre flood days.

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