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Production and consumption of safe food have benefits says FAO rep

Some of the local food on display at Town Ground today
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By Timothy Inifiri Jr.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) Solomon Islands representive Mrs Adi Bennett says the production and consumption of safe food have immediate and long-term benefits for the people, the planet and our own economy.

Mrs Bennett gave this statement during her official remarks today at the opening ceremony of the three-day 2022 World Food Day (WFD) and Agriculture show hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAL) together with FAO in collaboration with its partners and stakeholders, at the Justice Ground in Town Ground.

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“In fact millions of people around the world cannot afford a healthy diet putting them at high risk of food security and malnutrition, but ending hunger isn’t only about food supply and demand, it’s about having enough food to produce everyday to feed everyone on the planet”, said Mrs Bennett.

Mrs Bennett also added that FAO has identified one of the common problem is the access and availability of nutritious food which is now increasingly impeded by multiple challenges including the COVID-19 pandemic, conflict, climate change, inequality, rising food crisis and also international tensions.

“People around the world are suffering the domino effects of challenges that know no boarders”

“Worldwide, more than 80% of the extreme poor live in rural areas and many rely on agriculture and natural resources for their daily living”, she said.

She also added that in the face of global crisis, global solutions are needed more than ever before.

“By aiming for better production, better nutrition, a better environment and a better life, we can transform agri-food systems and build forward towards a better by implementing sustainable and holistic solutions that consider developing the long-term inclusive economic growth and greater resilience”, she added.

Mrs. Bennett then said that all the ministries that are embarking on food related policies must be materialised to address food security and should work towards better production, better nutrition, better environment and better life.

She calls on the Government, Private sectors, academia, civil societies and individuals to work together in solidarity to prioritize the right of all people to food, nutrition, peace and equality.


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