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PRC expert team here for feasibility studies

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Upon invitation by the Government of Solomon Islands, in the context of surging cases of COVID-19 in the country, an expert team of four from the People’s Republic of China have arrived in Honiara. 

The expert team is here to do on-site studies for two projects, the upgrading of the National Referral Hospital and New Water Plant.

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“Hopefully our arrival can help Solomon Islands strengthen infrastructure construction, improve medical conditions and livelihood, and boost development of bilateral relationship,” the team said in a statement.   

The team which has strictly complied with Solomon Islands’ quarantine procedure strongly believes, its arrival, work and persistence will promote the country’s anti-pandemic work and improve our public medical environment and infrastructure level.

In the spirit of ‘Umi Togeta Against COVID 19,’ the team vows to deliver its best in the fight against the pandemic in Solomon Islands.

“Our team will stand firmly with our friends in Solomon Islands, defy difficulties and dangers, work hard, and build a modern diagnosis and treatment place with advanced technologies for Solomon Islands with the latest construction technologies in the foreseeable future,” the team added.

It said, the awful fog of the pandemic will eventually dissipate, and the sun outside will soon shine again.

The team is appreciative to Solomon Islands for its persistence in the global war against COVID 19.


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