Home Security PPC Soakai says POM training opening doors for development in CIP

PPC Soakai says POM training opening doors for development in CIP

CIP officers during demonstration in Tulagi.
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The Provincial Police Commander (PPC) of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) in Central Islands Province (CIP), Superintendent David Soakai said Public Order Management (POM) training conducted is a big boost to open development in CIP.

Children in Tulagi train on self Defence martial art training
Some of the Tulagi children that train under the Chinese Police on self-defence technique

Soakai in his welcome remarks at the POM Training closing says, “China Police Liaison Team (CPLT) this is a milestone for my officers which you have developed for my officers to reach a standard to deal with security in the province. This will give confidence to the people of CIP.”

“A big thank you to the Central Islands Provincial Government for the support rendered to the police in CIP and it is manifested today. It is a proud day for us in CIP. We achieve this POM training,” he said.

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Soakai says, “Trainees it is a challenge for us all to maintain their capabilities. Please build it from there and give the community trust and confidence in the services of our duties as police officers.”

Outstanding participant during the two weeks POM Training who is still doing his two years probation, Police Constable (PC) Brandon Bugoro says, “I am very proud to be among the six outstanding officers who were awarded during the certificate presentation.”

Bugoro says, “He really liked how the CPLT conducted the POM training. The training is very effective and practical. This will help me to do my duty efficiently when a situation arises. This training equips us mentally and physically.”

Ms Christina Sipeta Tegauhenua, a 14-year-old student from McMahon Community High School says, “I am so happy with the basic self-defence training provided by CPLT for us young children in Tulagi.”

A 14-year-old student Ms Tegauhenua says, “I enjoy mostly the punches and the kicks we were taught during the training. As a young girl I benefit from the basic self-defence technique. For me, it is more helpful as a young girl to protect myself when I face some unwanted situation.”

She says, “As observed from my other peers they really enjoy the training. Mostly we really enjoy interacting with CPLT and we learn from them especially on basic self-defence techniques for us children.”


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