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PM congratulates AJ Enterprises: ‘a great and fine achievement’

PM Sogavare, Guadalcanal Premier Hon Sade and AJ Enterprises owner Aaron Zheng cuts the ribbon to officially open the building today
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Mr Zheng taking the PM Guadalcanal premier and other invited guests for a tour around the new mall
Mr Zheng taking the PM, Guadalcanal premier and other invited guests for a tour around the new mall

PRIME Minister Manasseh Sogavare has congratulated AJ Enterprise Ltd describing the opening of the new state of the art building as a ‘great and fine achievement’.

Speaking as the guest of honor at the opening today, the Prime Minister said that AJ Enterprises journey has not been easy amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and its challenges.

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The Prime Minister said however, the commitment and perseverance in the face of these challenges has made this achievement even more satisfying.

“Mr. Aron Zheng, your contribution to the building industry has not gone unnoticed. I understand that you have been in the Solomon Islands for around 20 years and started off in the hardware business and only ventured into the construction industry in 2016. However, your contribution to date in the construction industry is noted, and this building is a demonstration of that,” he said.

That said, Prime Minister Sogavare said the Government has recognized the role AJ Enterprises has played in providing employment for locals especially during this global pandemic.

He said the challenges and effects of the global pandemic have affected all of us, and the completion of this project is in itself a testament of the commitment, endurance and genuineness from a citizen of this beloved country.

“The development of this country cannot happen without the help of our private businesses and AJ Enterprise Ltd is one of these businesses that has done a lot in developing our country. I am told that this building is the first one in this country to have an escalator. In this age and time, I would have thought that we would already have buildings with escalators in it, however, this is the first building of its kind in this country,” he said.

The Prime Minister said AJ Mall will make it easier to have different services within one building.

“I understand it has more than 50 rooms which can cater for a number of difference businesses and services such as such as shops, food courts, restaurants, offices, gym, movie shop, hot bread, laundromat, hardware, conference room, accommodation units and cinema. This will indeed provide a range and variety of services for our people, especially those of us who live in East Honiara and this side of Guadalcanal,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister urged good citizens of the country to respect such public and private properties.

He said people must appreciate the efforts of others who have invested money, effort and time in the development of the country.

“Please let us respect this mall and work together to keep it safe so that our people can enjoy the services it has to offer. We live in a multicultural society and respect for each other is very important. We much learn to live together in peace and harmony. I cannot overemphasise the importance of unity, respect and appreciation for each other,” he said.

The Prime Minister also acknowledged the chiefs and people of Malango and the traditional landowners of Guadalcanal for providing an environment which allows developments such as this to occur in and outside of Honiara.


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