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Phased out BAN on single-use plastic set to kick in before PG2023

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A phased out ban on ‘single-use’ plastics that have alternatives locally will come into effect before the Pacific Games in November.

Permanent Secretary of Environment, Climate Change, Disaster Management and Meteorology (MECDM), Dr. Melchior Mataki confirmed yesterday that there is a proposed legislation to ban some categories of plastics.

He sad the ministry has the intention to introduce the ban but it would not to cover all the plastics but only some that have alternatives locally.

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He cited shopping bags as an example where people can still shop with their cloth bags.

Mataki said there is also consideration to ban plastic containers and water bottles.

“We hope to have the regulation in place before the Pacific Games 2023. But its implementation will be phased out and it can’t be implemented straightaway. The phasing out period will roll from 12 to 24 months to allow our private sector to make adjustments and those with stock can also sell them,” he told journalists yesterday

He said the proposed regulation to ban plastics is inline with a national strategy which is to ban most of the plastics that have alternatives available.

“They pose the greatest threat to our bio physical environment,” he added.

Mataki continued: “The actual ban process is not to do it one time. We have to be mindful of the private sector, the current stock in the country or those in the pipeline. It will be a phased approach. We will be seeking the government’s clearance on this because of financial consequences and the issue of prohibition is a stringent measure.

Also, he added, it is part of the country’s international obligations as there is now a global effort to reverse or stop plastic use.

Meanwhile Mataki said the class of plastics to ban was also the outcome of a joint stakeholder meeting with the government and the private sector.



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