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Petition to be resubmitted to PM on Tuesday, Police assures public of business as usual


Malaitans who petitioned the Prime Minister say they’ll resubmit the petition tomorrow after the PM, Manasseh Sogavare, denied receiving it.

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The petition

Spokesman for the group, Knoxley Atu told SBMOnline tonight that they received a report from the OPMC claiming that they had not received the petition, so they had agreed today to re-submit it on Tuesday.

He said only a few of people— including the police will take the petition to the OPMC to be delivered to the PM.

Atu explained that they had asked the police to accompany them so that they will peacefully go to the OPMC— and they (police) too will witness when the PM receives the petition.

SBMOnline can’t confirm tonight if the PM has agreed to receive the petition.

Atu said the PMO has also informed them that the petition lacked proper contacts and an address. “These two will be added in our submission tomorrow,” Atu said.

A huge crowd of people claiming to be supporting the petition planned a protest match to the OPMC today but after they agreed to the resubmission, the crowd was dispersed from the Kukum field area.

Asked why he has involved in the petition, Atu said he represents the Malamoi Council of Chiefs and he has taken the lead to ensure that concerns of his people reach the Prime Minister.

He called on Malaitans to respect this process and allow them to engage with the leaders. Today’s threat of a protest march has forced some schools and shops to close for the day.

Atu appeals to Malaitans to respect the laws of the country and not to listen to rightful information.

He said the rightful information is they plan to meet with the PM and give him the petition before informing Malaitans of the outcome of their joint meeting.

 Atu said he is presenting the petition on behalf of the Malamoi Council of Chiefs.

“I ensure that the concerns of our people are delivered to our PM he informs us about what the government is doing about it,” he told this magazine.

Police assures the public to continue with business as usual after a plan protest in Honiara

Meanwhile, the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) has assured the public to continue with business as usual after a planned protest to the Office of the Prime Minister this morning in the capital, Honiara.

Commissioner Mangau says, “I strongly ask those who intend to join the protest to refrain. The planned protest was illegal under the Procession Act and the current State of Public Emergency Regulation. RSIPF will not tolerate such illegal activities that threatens Public Safety and National Security. The Police is on top of the situation and have advice the organisers not to progress with any protest whatsoever.”

He says, “There are factors that we must take into consideration when people want to stage protest or wish to march through the streets of Honiara. Request for permission to stage any public protest must be received by the Provincial Secretary and the Provincial Police Commander (PPC) within 48 hours before the event takes place. In the case of Honiara, the request must be received by the Honiara Council City Clerk and the PPC Honiara City for further assessments before any protest could be allowed to take place.”

The Police Chief says, “The RSIPF recognises the right of citizens to protest peacefully but that has to be made within the bounds of our law and consideration must be given to public safety. Police have learnt from previous protests or even floats that though the majority of our protestors adhered to the conditions that were attached to the approval of their requests, some opportunists hijack the situation turning the otherwise peaceful intention into violence damaging properties and causing injuries.”

“Once again, I want to assure the good citizens of Solomon Islands especially in Honiara that the situation in the capital city is ‘business as usual’ but police will continue to closely monitor the situation,” says Commissioner Mangau.

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