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Opposition queries rationale behind 12am to 6am curfew time

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OPPOSITION LEADER Hon Matthew Wale has questioned the Prime Minister and the Oversight Committee the rationale behind the change in curfew times.

This followed the announcement by the government that the Prime Minister yesterday has signed an order to further reduce current curfew hours effective yesterday until revoked.

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The new curfew hours are from 12:00am midnight to 6:00am beginning on Friday11 February 2022.

“The Prime Minister and the oversight committee should clarify the reasons and rationale behind the change in curfew times,” he said.

Opposition Leader said the initial 6pm to 6am time was reasonable but the current timing from 12am to 6am is just ridiculous.

“What is the point of curfew during this time when people are already at their homes. The initial curfew times makes a lot of sense but not this one. Its either we go back to the initial curfew or just do away with the whole curfew,” he said.

The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health in a radio talkback show yesterday said the government after discussions and looking at lessons learnt from other countries made the decision looking at various scenarios.

The PS Health stated the change in curfew times would also reduce access to health care, address increase in domestic violence, impact on psychological and social issues and the economy.

In response the Opposition Leader said the response by the PS lacks evidence and common sense by the government.

“Where are evidences to justify your decisions? What are the scenarios? It seems that the government is making a decision just to satisfy the business needs of several businesses operating at late nights,” he said.

Hon Wale said it would be shocking if over the next few days the government will announce reopening of casinos and pubs and still discourage mass gathering in churches and burial sites.

The Opposition Leader said even business houses and the private sector are confused and questioning the rationale behind the new curfew hours.

“What is the strategy here? What are the health benefits and economic justifications here? What are we trying to achieve in the 6 hours curfew in the early hours of the morning? What is the epidemiology behind the change in curfew times? These questions must be clarified. This is just outrageous,” Hon Wale said.


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