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OPPOSITION Leader Hon Matthew Wale has raised the alarm again on what appears to be another scam involving billions of dollars to be invested in Solomon Islands.

This new alleged scam involves the injection of a finance package with a first trance in the tune of 15bn Euro.

In a statement today, Hon Wale said his office has received information that the Deputy Prime Minister Hon Manasseh Maelanga has been identified as the broker on behalf of a local person to pursue the Central Bank of Solomon Islands (CBSI) to issue a bank guarantee of sorts.

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According to information received, the local contact approached the DPM with a proposal saying that a group of billionaires operating out of Singapore are keen in investing in the country.

Information gathered further suggests; DPM Maelanga’s role is to negotiate between the contact person and CBSI hopefully, to secure a letter of guarantee to facilitate and wire the money into the country as part of the conditions of the deal.

The amount of $15b Euro will be the first part of a few more trances.

The last payment will be a whopping $100bn Euro.

The alleged proposal is based on humanitarian grounds to build a hospital.

The Opposition Leader said it is shocking that the DPM has allowed himself to be sucked in to what appears to be a scam.

Hon Wale said the only aim in such illegal schemes is that the scammer will use any guarantee issued to fundraise elsewhere.

He said this is the risk we suffer when leaders entertain such illegal schemes.

“This is the kind of incompetent leaders we have leading our country that are involved with scammers with a mentality to get quick rich overnight,” Hon Wale said.

He said the DPM is no different to his boss the Prime Minister.

Hon Wale said this is the same leadership and regime that was also involved in a previous deal where the scammer attempted to dupe the country into a deal involving a $100 billion loan from Chinese interests through a broker named Terry Wong in 2020.

As part of that proposal, the broker, with a Beijing address, would receive a proposed percentage fee if the $100 billion loan is secured.

“History has also revealed the same leadership’s involvement with scammers Skyline Group and Nazar that lured the Prime Minister into believing that they were going to provide millions of dollars to build new homes for public servants, Kiluufii hospital, five star hotel, housing estate, poultry farming, feed production and value added poultry products, mini cannery in Tatamba and Tulagi and value-added fresh and dried fruit processing. Now the Prime Minister and his DPM are on it again,” Hon Wale said.

“Where are all that grand and lavish ideas now? Nowhere,” he adds.

The Opposition Leader said government leaders are becoming a laughing stock to the international community and their involvement with scammers comes as no surprise.

“The craving of our national leaders to put themselves in such precarious situations raises serious questions on their competency and integrity.  Either our top leadership in the Government cannot tell the difference between a lie and the truth, or are recklessly callous driven by greed and self-interest. This is serious,” the Opposition Leader said.

Hon Wale said the people of this country have a lot of pride and it is regrettable that this Government continues to sell that pride to international crooks.

Meanwhile, Hon Wale said he is thankful to the Governor of CBSI who is both competent and a man of integrity for standing up against such scams and especially to be bullied by political influence.


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