The government through the GCU in OPMC issued the statement condemning the attack
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The Prime minister’s Office has described claims in Full page advert taken out by the Opposition Office in a Local daily as “ nonsense & disgraceful”.

The Office of the Prime minister & Cabinet has responded that the government is looking at a deferral of the National General Election which will result in a longer term for the 11th Parliament instead of the 4 year term as prescribed by the Constitution.The main rationale behind the deferment of the 2023 National General Election is that Solomon Islands is hosting the 2023 Pacific Games in the same year and this will commit a lot of financial resources and require logistical and manpower support as we cannot support two major events in the same year.

Also Matthew Wale has out of ignorance made references to a Representative Democracy saying consent must be taken from the people. But in our Representative Democracy the Power to rule remains with the people, but the people have given their consent to be governed by voting in Members of Parliament to represent them.

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The people consent to be governed allows Parliament to make Laws, the Executive to make policies, the Judiciary to interpret the Law, and the Police to enforce the Law as specified by our National Constitution.

Therefore Matthew Wale needs to educate himself and stop misleading the people of Solomon Islands on his flawed theory of Representative democracy where people give their consent on who they chose to be governed by, whereas the Constitution is very clear on where the power resides and who exercises those power on behalf of the people.

Matthew Wale has taken his deception agenda through the Media to capitalize on the peoples ignorance and it is obvious he is hoping this will trigger off further social unrest and is opportunistic in practicing “propaganda politics” which only shows how low some people will succumb to in attempting to seize power by manipulating the innocent people to do his dirty work for him.

The recent looting and riots which was politically orchestrated has seen our innocent people being arrested already. Yet, he is still trying to manipulate our innocent people by masquerading as a person who is fighting for democracy when in actual fact he simply want to achieve his own selfish and greedy agenda of being the Prime Minister whatever the cost.

It is time our people open their eyes and see for themselves that since the election of the Prime Minister in 2019, the Opposition has been trying to bring the Prime Minister down by using our innocent people. Our people must open their eyes to see the truth

  • Statement issued by OPMC Tonight-

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