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One More Shot Foundation (#OMS) and Dreamcast Theater have spearheaded another public health photography campaign to aid overseas operation costs for 7-year-old Ephraim Onesmus Musoata.

The vibrant young boy was diagnosed with Bilateral Congenital Cataracts, Keratoconus, as well as refractive error, all of which have impaired his sight severely. His vision is blurred and he constantly needs support to navigate his way around his surroundings. This condition has started to limit his academic development and capacity to engage socially. The National Referral Hospital lacks the facilities for the eye surgery. At present, Ephraim’s only hope for better eyesight is an operation overseas.

OneMoreShot Photography team

The #OMS4Ephraim campaign period was formally launched for Monday 20-Friday 24 June to help raise funds towards this. However, COVID-19 conditions have affected the traditional style of #OMS street photography campaigns with stalls and photographers on site in public areas of Honiara.

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Practicing COVID-safe measures, bookings are done online through the OMS Photography and Film Foundation Facebook page, members of the organization, and photographers are sent to sites to take photos.

This new mode has slowly gained major publicity at the end of the campaign period with offices, business, houses and the general public coming in with overwhelming support through overwhelming bookings.

Recognizing this impact, the executive of OMS, with the approval of Ephraim’s parents, have decided to extend the campaign period from Monday 27 June-Friday 01 July. The public is encouraged to continue with their support during this period.

OMS executive and all members would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who has supported this campaign in one way or another. Many thanks especially to Dreamcast Theater for accommodating us in multiple ways.

Let’s prove that the power of photographs can make a difference in our communities and society. There is nothing more patriotic than helping another Solomon Islander. This is the Solomon Islands we know and want to maintain.

All proceeds from the #OMS4Ephraim will be officially handed over to Ephraim and his parents once the campaign period ends and all monetary support is recorded. Ephraim’s parents have made consultations with a hospital in Australia and received the cost breakdown.

Ephraim’s dream is to return after his surgery to continue with his studies and to pursue his passion in music to become a musician.



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