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No limits for SI on number of workers heading overseas

PS Beck.
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Solomon Islands will have no limits on the number of workers it will send overseas under the seasonal workers’ programmes in Australia and New Zealand.

Permanent Secretary of Foreign Affairs Collin Beck made the statement today following concerns from some regional countries on the growing number of their citizens leaving to work overseas under the programmes.

As a result, there are discussions by some to limit the number of workers going overseas.

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However, Beck speaking to journalists today on the issue said it’s not the same for the Solomons.

“We are not putting any limits,” he confirmed.

He added all the countries in the Pacific have different levels of development.

“In our case we have 20,000 of people looking for jobs every year. In our situation, we are still a thirsty country that is looking for employment— both domestically and externally,” he said.

“While we try and create job internally, in the meantime, where there is opportunity we will continue to embrace, utilize and take advantage of – we will try to ensure those that seek employment will always find space,” he said.

Beck added that with the population growth, “when there is opportunity for employment will take advantage of.”

The latest numbers today have shown that the labour mobility programmes have already surpassed 4,400 with Australia accounting for around 4,100 workers of the total number and New Zealand the rest.


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