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NEAD advises schools, parents and students to refrain from buying fake examination papers

Exams in doubt
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The National Examination Assessment Division (NEAD) will continue to do its “examination watch” duty in monitoring and investigating any leakages of this year’s examination papers and cheating that might occur.

Manager of NEAD, John Liliu, made this advice to an article published in the Solomon Star newspaper on Tuesday 10th October, which stated that fake external examination papers were reportedly circulating in Honiara in an attempt to make money.

Mr. Liliu clarified that the fake examination papers that were circulated in the social media were actually the 2015 SISC Science examination paper with the front page that had 2023 typed and a fake Form 6 mathematics paper which also had the year 2023 typed in the cover page.

Mr Liliu added that NEAD cannot rule out any leakages, since the examination papers are now with the school principals.

But he stated that the Ministry trusts Education Authorities who were tasked to transport the examination papers to the schools that they would not leak them. Nor does he expect School Principals to show the examination papers to certain students before the students actually sit them.

He also appeals to teachers not to leak the papers or show answers to the questions in the papers to their students.

NEAD wish to advise all schools, parents and students to refrain from buying whatever examination papers that may be circulated in the social media, in the streets of Honiara or around our country.

“I call on the public to work with the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development in curbing this malpractice. Examination malpractice is a negative orientation for future leaders, who may end up being corrupt in their positions of authority. It may encourage our children to engage in illicit actions.

“Consequently, anyone who is found in possession of this year’s exam papers will be dealt with accordingly,” Liliu said.

He appeals to those who are in the habit of buying leaked or fake exam papers to stop as they are inculcating bad morals in our children of cheating, stealing and not having integrity.

“Our children must recognise ethics as a value. We should be in the forefront to defy this behaviour and should endeavour to impart good values of hard work, honesty and integrity. Therefore, all Solomon Islanders must respect our children’s education,” he adds.

Anyone who have information of those producing fake exam paper should report any allegations of leakages or cheating to NEAD as soon as possible.

The national examinations for Year 9 commenced on Tuesday 10th while Year 11 and Year 12 have started on Monday 9th October and will be concluded on Friday 13th October.

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