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MPs’ who allegedly abuse shipping grant referred to police

Maesiola speaking to the press yesterday
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Members of Parliament who received grants from the government to purchase ships and had not use the money for the purpose had been referred to police for investigation since 2018.

Permanent Secretary of Infrastructure Development, Stephen Maesiola in response to journalists’ question on the issue said since he became the PS in 2018 he had submitted a file for police to investigate.

“I called on police to investigate the grants that they (MPs) received but did not buy any vessels with,” he said.

Maesiola stated that the files are still with the police and at one stage he had called on them to return it otherwise they it might lost it.

He added since then they had not returned the file.

When contacted yesterday RISPF Media Unit said they would follow up and revert on the status of the file.

Police have not replied since this article was uploaded tonight.

When asked on what would happen to his referral, Maesiola said it is now depending on the police but he had supplied all the documents.


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