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More patients at NRH tested positive for COVID

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Minister of Health and Medical Services Dr Culwick Togamana has revealed that more patients were tested positive in wards and are moved to the field hospital.

“As of yesterday, with the increase in RAT testings in the hospital, more patients were tested positive in wards for example the orthopaedic wards, maternity and paediatrics ward,” he said in his statement last night.

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He added most positive patients were transferred to occupy 17 beds with their guardians as the NRH isolation wards 1,2 and 3 are also fully occupied with positive Covid 19 patients and the transfer of patients to the CFH is ongoing.

Dr Togamana said as the data stands it is estimated that 16% of the total Covid 19 positives were recorded at the hospital whilst the rest from community transmission.

“It is almost certain that most health workers contracted the virus outside the hospital as well as between staff and patients at the early stage of the community transmission,” he said.

Dr Togamana said the hospital infection control systems and practices have been stepped up with increasing decontamination happening across the hospitals and all staff are tested at the entry of the hospital and triaged appropriately.

He added additional nurses will be engaged to take up IPC and other nursing care roles.

New COVID-19 cases have continued to surge with 303 new positives recorded for Honiara alone in the past 24 hours and three COVID-19 deaths, two in Malaita. The total COVID-19 cases is now 1,486.

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