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MID liaising with Solomon Power to fix street lights

DPM Maelanga
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Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Infrastructure Development Manasseh Maelanga has told Parliament that his officers are liaising with Solomon Power to fix the street lights from SINU down to the city.

Maelanga made the assurance whilst responding to a supplementary question from the MP for Small Malaita Rick Houenipela for the DPM to assure Parliament that they would repair the lights in the dark sections of the main Kukum Highway down to the city in preparation for the Pacific Games next month.

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In response, Maelanga said MID is liaising with Solomon Power to  fix the bulbs and also replace them with brighter ones.

Whilst most of the eastern side of the road leading to the airport has functioning new street lights, certain parts of the road down to the city direction remain in the dark and has worried drivers and pedestrians.

Meanwhile Hounipela has also asked about whether the government will be installing traffic lights.

But Maelanga admitted that they do not have the time to do that but it would be dealt with after the Pacific Games.



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