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MEHRD pushing for science education in schools

Minister of Education and Human Resources Development Hon. Tozen Leokana being garlanded on arrival at Mbokona School this week
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Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development is pushing a new programme to strengthen the teaching of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics or STEM Education in schools.

Speaking this week during the opening of a new Science Lab for Mbokona School in Honiara, the Education and Human Resources Development, Hon Tozen Leokana confirms: “My ministry is making the preparatory work to design and strengthen STEM education in the country. “

He explains that STEM education emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach that fosters problem-solving and critical thinking.

The minister adds integrating STEM into the Solomon Islands School curriculum and teaching and learning has the advantage to equip students with practical skills and prepare them for future careers in a technology-driven world.

Not only that but STEM education also encourages collaboration, creativity, and adaptability, essential attributes for success in the modern workforce and therefore “we would like to support science teachers so that they receive the professional support they need,” the minister, adds.

Leokona points out that through studying science that young people who will become future leaders of our country can learn scientific knowledge and skills about how the world works and apply their skills to solve problems they face.

“I am an advocate of science education in the country because science education Science education has the potential to stimulate critical thinking by teaching students to analyze evidence, evaluate information, and draw logical conclusions. Scientific inquiry promotes problem-solving skills as learners explore solutions to real-world challenges. These skills extend beyond the realm of science and become valuable assets in various aspects of life and decision-making,” he states.

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The minister reiterates that students need to learn the science of pollution to understand fully why it is not safe to dispose trash such as plastic bottles, glass, paper or pieces of metal along the streets of Honiara or in their villages.

Students need to learn about the science of conservation and sustainability to care and be responsible of their environment and the natural resources available, he highlights.

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