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Markers’ demand gov’t pays overdue allowances

Exam papers: Photo: google. MEHRD advises against buying fake exam papers.
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Teachers who marked the national exams last year have yet to be paid and are demanding the government to fast-track their allowances.

A spokesman for the teachers said they were frustrated that nearly four months after they had carried out the job they had yet to be paid.

“We are in the dark and want the government to pay our allowances,” their spokesman told this magazine.

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About 200 teachers were engaged by the Ministry of Education to carry out the task.

When contacted the permanent secretary of Education and Human Resources Dr Franco Roddie said the teachers’ allowances have been processed.

He explained that one of the reasons for the delay was due to the cut in their budget last year as a result of COVID-19 and the allocation for the markers were also affected.

Dr Roddie said because of that the cut – they included the teachers’ allowances in the budget for the first quarter of this year and it had already been submitted to Finance and Treasury for payment.

He said the government will surely pay the teachers their allowances.


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