Home Breaking News Man who discovers another dead baby says “humans are dumped like animals”

Man who discovers another dead baby says “humans are dumped like animals”

The dead baby lying in the rubbish when it was discovered.
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The man who found the third baby in less than one year – dumped at the Ranadi Dumpsite today— wants the cruel mothers to face justice for their illegal acts because they dumped human beings like animals.

This morning, William Odela discovered another newborn baby being dumped at Ranadi. His third since working there in August 2019.

When asked how did he feel seeing dead babies, Odela replied, “I feel sad indeed because human-beings have been dumped as animals.”

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“I don’t expect to see it happen here,” he said.

Photos provided to SBMOnline by Odela who took the pictures and works at the Landfill site – showing shocking images of the dead child still in his code— lying helplessly in debris in the dumpsite.

Odela writes on his facebook saying: “I’m tired of observing dead body of babies at the Ranadi sanitary landfill site so I post it up now.”

According to Odela at 11:20am today, a landfill scavenger (Patrick) knocked at his office and softly voiced out the dead of a baby boy.

“I was shocked and rushed out for observation and investigation,” he said.

Odela found the dead body had been placed inside a bin, wrapped with newspaper.

The RSIFP Media say police has attended to the case but they have yet to receive details of the report.

Asked what he has to say to such cruel mothers, Odela replied: “They must direct them to court for justice. They were murderers in the eyes God and within the local societies.”

He adds they must also put a stop to this demonic action in the Solomon Islands as it is increasing.


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