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Man dies after both hands and legs chopped off in sorcery related case

CoP Mangau.
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A man whose hands and legs were totally chopped off in an alleged sorcery case has died on Tikopia island, Temotu Province, last week due to loss of blood.

Commissioner of Police Mostyn Mangau told journalists this morning that the incident which occurred on 4th of February was alleged to have linked to sorcery.

According to the commissioner, the suspect alleged that his sick wife and the death of his new born child was caused by sorcery.

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Mangau said the accused then went to a nearby house and chopped off both hands and legs of a 50-year old man he claimed to be responsible for his wife’s sickness and the death of his child.

He said after the attack, the deceased then called for help from the neighbours who came to his aid and they witnessed the suspect fleeing.

The man was then taken to a clinic on the island but later died due to loss of blood.

Lata Police are investigating the case.

But Mangau said a team from Honiara will also be dispatched to Tikopia to investigate the case.

The suspect is still in the village whist waiting for police.[email protected]

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