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Man burns down mother’s house after she has no money to give him

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A man in Ngella has burnt down his mother’s house in retaliation for her not giving him money whilst he was drunk.

Commissioner of Police Mostyn Mangau said the incident happened in Leitonga on Ngella on 15 January when the son, 20, returned home drunk and demanded money from his mum. He insisted that his mother gave him money or he would burn down her house.

Mangau said the mum politely told her son that she didn’t have any money.

“That disappointed the son – so he picked up a firewood which already lighting stuck it on to a coconut leaf and set fire to his mum’s house,” Mangau said.

He said fortunately his mum, 52, escaped with her grandson to avoid the fire.

The suspect though escaped from police had already been arrested on January 30 and now in custody.

Mangau said this is a very sad incident as in our cultures people always respect their father and mother.

He said there are ways to resolve issues like that in the communities and he wanted people to respect the process and not to take the law into their own hands.



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