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Malaita to embark on province wide referendum on independence

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The Premier of Malaita Daniel Suidani, today announced that his government will soon conduct a provincial wide referendum on the topic of Malaita Independence.

“As we know Malaita Independence or self-determination has been an issue of discussion since the Maásina Ruru movement days. Therefore the province would like to get a clear picture on how Malaitans feel about this issue today,” he said in a statement from Auki.

Premier Suidani said that with the continued pressure from the National Government for Malaita province to accept PRC into Malaita Province despite knowing that Malaita province already made its stand clear in the Auki Communique —it is time for Malaita people to see whether they are still willing to be part of a country that its leadership is becoming dictatorial.

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The Malaita Auki Communique clearly outlines Malaita Province issues around leadership, development aspirations and the upholding of our fundamental rights, freedoms and believes.

“It is also clear from the Communique that we reject the PRC and its formal systems. The communique was further endorsed last week by Malaita traditional leaders as a mark of support from the people on the issues Malaita Province is perusing.

“Self-determination is a core of human rights. No power can indefinitely prevent any group from eventually realizing its aspirations, regardless of how difficult it might be and how long it takes. With the current intimidating relationship with the DCGA Government, anybody in their right mines would feel the same way as Malaita Province is at the moment,” said Premier Suidani.

He said Malaita as an island of indigenous communities has survived through millennia.

“We have been independent communities and have learnt to accept what is good for our place and our people.

“No one should think that they have any monopoly powers to exert their bad decisions upon us. We have rejected that in the past, we will reject any such thing today and I believe our children will continue to reject such attitudes towards them in the future.

This is our resolve and we will stand by it. The referendum exercise will be conduct this month,” he said.

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