Home News Malaita rescues health workers with $200k after gov’t delays grant

Malaita rescues health workers with $200k after gov’t delays grant

Kilu'ufi hospital is where most of the Malaita health workers work.
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The Malaita Provincial Government has stepped in with $200,000 of its own funds to pay the salaries of its health workers after the government failed to dispatch the service grant to the province last week in time to meet the salaries of the workers there.

A statement from the Malaita Provincial Government tonight says that a delay in the service grant from the National Government to the health direct employees of Malaita Province was sorted out with the province providing the needed funding to cater for the salaries of the provincial health workers.

“It was a relieve for the provincial health management team to have been supported by the MPG and to ensure the direct health employees get their pay on Friday last week,” the statement says.

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It is understood that the provincial health service grant was delayed thus the request from the senior health officials for the assistance from the province.

One long time health worker in the province said that in his 18 years in the health sector in Malaita Province this is the first time for him to experience such delays.

The around $200,000.00 will be reimbursed to the province once the grants are available.


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