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Malaita presents 15 log of claims to SIG including revocation of security treaty with PRC

Malaitans celebrating in Auki today. Photo: MDF.
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Malaita Province today celebrated its 39th Second Appointed Day in Auki with Premier Daniel Suidani detailing 15-log of claims to the Government amongst them is the revocation of the Solomon Islands-Peoples Republic of China security treaty.

Suidani said the15 points were submitted to the national government today.

“We are hoping that by the expiry of the 28 days period given to the government to response to the claims we will know the government’s thinking in light of the claims. In any case Malaita Provincial Government (MPG) stands ready for any responses from the national government. We believe we have done our part on behalf of the people of Malaita province,” the premier, said.

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Under claim twelve, the premier said for national security, peace and unity: “MPG strongly call on the national government to annul and revoke the recently signed security deal with the PRC.”

Suidani said MPG believes the current security arrangements with Australia is rigorous enough to cater for both “our domestic and international security needs.”

“Thus, there is no need for any further security arrangements with PRC. In fact, this has been proven to be the case in the recent turmoils in Honiara,” the premier said.

“Additionally, MPG strongly of the opinion that the domestic emphasis of the security agreement with PRC is a direct threat to the people of Malaita Province. We can always look to history for prove on this point,” Suidani said in his statement today.

Meanwhile under log of claims number 13, Suidani said that for purposes of transparency, accountability and good governance, the National Government must provide copies of the numerous MOUs it has signed with PRC or any donor partners for that matter to the provinces. He said it has been challenging for Malaita province and other provinces to get clear understanding on what areas are covered under the MOUs and how the provinces should prepare themselves to deal with developments envisage under the signed MOUs.

“This is considering the continued view uphold by the National Government that the provincial government is an agent of the National Government. It would therefore be more than prudent that as an agent the province be informed effectively of the MOUs and have access to them,” the premier, said.



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