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The Ministry of National Planning and Development Coordination (MNPDC) and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Solomon Islands Office has successfully conducted a half-day joint workshop targeting the Human Resources Managers and training officers of SIG line Ministries, State Owned Enterprises and the Solomon Islands National University (SINU) on the JICA’s Knowledge Co-Creation Programs (KCCP) on the 21st July at Solomon Kitano Mendana Hotel.

The aim of this joint workshop/seminar is to create awareness and understanding on JICA’s KCCP Training Programs that are implemented by JICA through MNPDC.

The JICA KCCP Training Program covers two modes namely, Short-term training and Long-term training. Short-term includes Region-Group Focused and Young Leaders Program while Long-term includes the SDGs Global Leaders Program at Undergraduate, Masters and PhD levels and Agriculture Studies Networks for Food Security (Agri-Net).

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At the opening of the workshop JICA Resident Representative Mr. Takeshi Watanabe thanked MNPDC for the Ministry’s continuous support and assistance rendered towards JICA’s programs in the Solomon Islands and further extended JICA’s appreciation to all SIG line Ministries for their kind support and understanding in the smooth facilitation of JICA project activities and training programs in Solomon Islands.

Mr. Watanabe stated JICA has been offering to Solomon Islands opportunities for training programs in Japan and other places, even on-line in the recent years during the global pandemic. The training programs are offered in various fields/sectors for capacity development of the SIG and SOE officials.

“Japan used to be a developing country in Asia, so you may be exposed to Japan’s unique experience in development which is different from western countries”. Mr. Watanabe continued “JICA’s programs provide not simply Japan’s knowledge and technologies in one-way, but through mutual learning process among participants from various countries in interactive ways and that’s why our training programs are named Knowledge Co-Creation Program”.

The highlight of the seminar was the presentations by former KCCP recipients under the SDGs Global Leaders Program. The presentations provided the seminar with firsthand experiences, knowledge and skills gained through living and studying in Japan.

In closing the workshop, Director Samuel Wara of the Development Cooperation Division within MNPDC, “thanked all the participants for their commitment to participate in this workshop and highlighted that this was the first time for such a joint collaboration workshop between MNPDC and JICA on various short and long term training opportunities available. Forging way forward for future expanding the training opportunity to SOEs, including SINU and prospective private sector organisations”.

The event brings together 40 plus participants from all SIG line ministries, SOE’s and SINU, and call on all Human Resource Managers from all these organizations to work together with MNPDC and JICA to coordinate and facilitate information on time about all the JICA trainings to reach the right people.


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