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LMU conducts first Pre-Departure Briefing for 2024

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The Labour Mobility Unit (LMU) within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade has resumed Pre-Departure Briefings for Solomon Islands workers as it seeks to continue increase its presence in the Pacific Australia Labour Mobility (PALM) Scheme in 2024.
88 workers began two days briefing in Honiara today as they prepare to travel to Australia to begin work with the various Approved Employers they are contracted to in the new year.
Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade, Collin Beck encouraged workers on the importance of being good ambassadors for Solomon Islands under the scheme and how it could lead to increased opportunities for locals eager to participate in the scheme.
He stressed that with a high unemployment rate, the interest in PALM is there as shown in the February-March 2023 recruitment drive where up to 16,000 people handed in their applications.
At the end of 2023, 6800 workers were employed in Australia under the PALM scheme and with the continuous positive reference for Solomon Islanders under our “Here to Work” brand, the number is certain to increase this year.
From the 88 workers who attended the Pre-Departure Briefing today, 69 are males and 19 females.
The workers included new workers and those returning after their break.
Permanent Secretary Beck and Australia’s Deputy High Commissioner to the Solomon Islands, Andrew Schloeffel gave talks to the local workers at the start of the Briefing today.

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