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BRIDGING GAPS IN HEALTHCARE: The Second China Medical Team’s Outreach in the Solomon Islands

The medical team in Tulagi
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The Second China Medical Team (CMT) in the Solomon Islands, which consists of eight team members, including six medical professionals, has provided specialized medical services to Solomon Islanders since their arrival in March 2023.
To date, more than 10,000 patients have been treated by the team. Beyond their base at the National Referral Hospital, the CMT undertook the arduous task of conducting free clinics in the remote islands of Central Province, Malaita Province, and Western Province. Overcoming challenges like seasickness and air travel difficulties, the team successfully provided medical assistance to more than 1,000 rural residents, demonstrating their commitment to reaching remote communities.
During their visit to Central Island Province from July 17 to 19, 2023, at the invitation of the Provincial Health Director of CIP, CMT conducted a three-day clinic in the provincial capital, Tulagi. The CMT team offered specialized services in cardiology, nephrology, urology, traditional Chinese acupuncture, and clinical examinations such as blood pressure, blood sugar, and electrocardiograms.
Chronic disease screening and management were also conducted, with free medication distribution and guidance provided to medical seekers. All medical seekers spoke highly of the medical services provided by CMT and thanked CMT for
extending medical services to the grassroots.
In Malaita Province, Kiluúfi Hospital, the team conducted a 5-day medical service trip to Kiluufi Hospital from December 4th to 8th, in response to an invitation from Malaita Province. Facing overwhelming demand, the team provided medical services to
more than 500 patients with complimentary medication, earning praise from medical personnel and the provincial government.
From December 17 to 22, CMT conducted a six-day specialized clinic in Munda and Noro, in the Western Province. Through their outreach effort, the team reached the outer islands, serving up to over 500 people, and included teaching sessions, academic exchanges, and distribution of free medication.
In the new year, the CMT extend their best wishes to the people of the Solomon Islands. With a pledge to continue providing timely medical support, the team remains dedicated to ensuring that specialized medical services reach even more residents, contributing to the ongoing improvement of healthcare in the Solomon Islands.
Meanwhile, at the National Referral Hospital, Medical Superintendent Dr. Janella Solomon thanked the second Chinese Medical Team for providing provincial clinical outreach to the provincial hospitals within the country.
“These doctors are sub-specialist doctors in the fields of nephrology, cardiac, acupuncture, and urology and may not have been able to utilize their full expertise in a low-resource setting in the provincial hospitals; however, they have committed their
time to see both general and specialist patients and were able to provide expert advice and further management options.
“We look forward to this clinical expert partnership and hope that both the patients and health workers in the provincial hospitals do benefit from their clinical expertise,” said Dr. Solomon.

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