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Life is normal and nobody dies here says OJ politician

Luaniua & Pelau in OJ are still waiting for promised boat.
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The people of Luaniua, one of the communities in the Ontong Java (OJ) where it was claimed to be the origin of the corona virus outbreak, are enjoying normal life and going about their usual business.

Speaking exclusively to SBMOnline from Luaniua, Provincial Member for the area, Hon John Kehosi, said his people only experienced mild flu but after they were treated by a local doctor, Reginald Aipia, they are now okay and have moved on with their village life.

Luaniua, which is in Ward 31 of Malaita, is the most populated community in OJ, the other being Pelau which has a smaller population and much closer to the PNG border. Pelau was where the positive cases were recorded including that of the PNG doctor who crossed over illegally into the country.

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Kehosi said with the help of Aipia they draw-up community programmes for them to follow regarding their health and divide the ward into seven zones.

They also travel around the atoll to inform others outside the community of the same message.

“Nobody is sick or die here. Life is normal here,” he said from Luaniua.

Kehosi said many people have gone to other parts of the atoll to dive beche-de-mer. The ban on Beche-de-mer has been lifted and the OJ often attracts many people outside of the islands as it one of the richest BDM grounds.

“I can tell you we are okay. And we’re still waiting for the ship that the government promised to send to us and that has not arrived,” he said.

The MPA said already food is running out and it is imperative that the ship sails urgently.

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