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LETTER TO EDITOR: Our economy needs addressing now

Goods at the market are rising at high price
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Dear editor: I am writing as a concerned student from the USPSI campus, about the current state of our country’s economy. I urge the responsible authorities to act swiftly and seriously address this situation.

The country’s economy is going down the drain. We can see the prices of goods and services surging every day. Just yesterday, I went to the market and bought a small parcel of cabbage worth $20! Twenty dollars for a parcel of cabbage that can only cater for 1 person. We are in chaos! Not to mention that after June this year, the prices of goods and services will increase as well. What are we waiting for?

As much as everyone appreciates the money that has been generated back into the country by our PLS workers, working in Australia and New Zealand, we should not entirely rely on that money to maintain our country’s economy. Real money comes from our own resources. Tourism is one of the main sectors that can help in boosting our country’s economy. I suggest that the responsible authorities prioritise and invest on such areas that will positively benefit our country. As we can see, a good number of tourists are coming into Solomon Islands. Just over the weekend we have seen Pacific Explorer, the biggest tourist ship to ever visit our shores since the pandemic, and this is a good sign. Tourism sector should be one of the hotspots to invest in.

Therefore, I call on the responsible authorities, now is the time to act. Not tomorrow! The people are crying. Our country is crying. Our beloved Solomon Islands is in the brinks of ruin. Please do something. Save our country.


USPSI Campus

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