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Letter from Archbishop Cardone

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Dear Robert, Thanks always for sharing the good news that happens in Honiara and around Solomon Islands. I would like to share the following with SBM and any other on line or print media that you might think would be helpful in sharing this concern: Dear Prime Minister and all people of good will in Solomon Islands, Yesterday on our 42dn Indepencence Anniversary our beloved Prime Minister gave an excellent speech to the Nation highlighting our need for UNITY and for RESPECT for all people in our Nation. I have heard that the PM was deeply concerned that people have been using the social media and have been very uncharitable and unjust against him and his family. I fully agree with his concern. While he was speaking I have often reflected that some of our Churches and our Seventh Day Adventists in particular habitually lack respect for members of the Catholic Church and other people who worship on Sunday. Our good SDA friends do NOT respect the right that we have to worship on Sunday the day of the Lord’s RESURRECTION and they use the Town Council Office venue and their SIBC -governemnts paid broadcast- to criticize Catholics and other ‘Sunday keepers’. I would think that the PM who is a practicing member of the SDA Church should encourage their Church leaders to tell their Preachers and Pastors to respect ALL CHURCHES and Faith Communities. Many of my SDA friends and I include President Silent Tovosia, Pastor George Fafale and the late Pastor Patrick my colleague from Gizo are kind and friendly to me but I would ask the beloved SDA Community to promote UNITY and RESPECT by not criticising other Churches. If we pray the Lord’s Prayer and call God: OUR Father we should all be brothers and sisters in Christ loving and respecting each other ALWAYS. Prayerful regards from Archbishop Chris Cardone, OP Catholic Archdiocese of Honiara

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