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Law enforcement agencies implement framework on SI-PNG common border

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Solomon Islands (SI) law enforcement agencies met with their Papua New Guinea (PNG) counterparts at Kulitanai in the Shortland Islands on 3 December 2019 to discuss how best both countries could implement the Traditional Border Crossing (TBC) Framework to facilitate traditional border movement between part of Choiseul Province and Shortland Islands in the Western Province.

Police Forward Command Post (PFCP) Commander Inspector Kerry Sireheti says, “The purpose of the Joint Law Enforcement technical meeting was to update each other on the latest SI-PNG border developments. SI-PNG Joint Immigration, Customs and Police meeting successfully concluded with an understanding of how to protect each other’s side of the common border to facilitate traditional border crossing.”

 “This is to ensure that safety and peace is maintained along the common borders between SI-PNG) of Autonomous Region of Bougainville (AROB). As part of the enforcement of the TBC, Solomon Islands Immigration officers will clear them upon their arrival at Kulitanai police station.”

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 “Customs and Immigration on both sides of the border will explain to their citizens the traditional border crossing framework and mechanisms that are in place to manage and administer the special areas of administration under the Joint Border Treaty Agreements (BTA).”

Inspector Sireheti explains: “The presence of Joint Law Enforcement at the SI-PNG border is to ensure that the security and safety of the communities is quaranteed. Solomon Islands Government has established its ports of entries at Taro in Choiseul Province as well as Kariki, Mono, Kulitanai and Harapa in the Western Province.”

 “The Joint law enforcement meeting has given confidence and trust in each other as they are serving the border communities. The Joint Law enforcement also agreed on information exchange and sharing with each other.”

“After the meeting we have the privilege of having a friendly volley ball match and light refreshments,” says Inspector Sireheti.

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