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Kikolo REFUTES “Chinese Military Base Claim” describing it as “totally false”

Isabel Premier Kikolo.

The Premier of Isabel Province, Leslie Kikolo, has strongly refuted claims that his Province has agreed to host a Chinese Military Base on the island, expressing surprise at the purported report.


“This is totally false. I am very surprised to hear the report. I am not even aware of this report. My full executive had met today and we were shocked to hear that our province has been claimed in the report,” Kikolo told this magazine last night.

A document shared on the social media claimed that the province has agreed to hosting a Chinese military base on the country’s longest island.

But Kikolo reiterates that he is unaware, declaring that the news is absolutely false.

“I can say it is totally false. My province has not signed any documents and we will not do it. We are only custodians of the province, which belongs to the people of Isabel,” the premier told SBMOnline.

In 2019, Central Islands Province had agreed to lease Tulagi to a Chinese Private Company with the intention to building a base their but that was later overturned by the government.

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