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IT WAS SCARY, HP GM tells of swelling & cracking tiles

HP workers cleaning the tiles after today's unexpected incident
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The popular Heritage Park Hotel this afternoon had a rare experience when some tiles in its terrace restaurant started swelling before cracking.

“It was very scary,” General Manager Sanjay Bhargava told a small team of media this evening.

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H said: “We were having lunch when the ground tiles were swelling up so we came out and have a look and it started to swell up and a cracking sound came out. Series of tiles were swelling and swelling very fast,” he recalled the incident.

He estimated that it continued on for more than an hour.

“We looked around there was no activity,” he said.

 Bhargava said they called the police and they appeared soon after.

He said the EOD (bomb disposal) team arrived and checked the place, ripped off the tiles and the final conclusion was nothing was wrong.

“We certified the place is clear and no explosives. It is safe,” he conveyed to the media of what the EOD team told him.

One theory from the officers is it could be the heat that caused the tiles to crack.

Bhargava confirmed that the services at the hotel remain uninterrupted soon after the EOD made the declaration.

But he said based on his experience having worked in the hotel industry most of his life this is the first time he has experienced what has occurred in his hotel today.


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