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Member of Parliament for East Guadalcanal Hon Bradley Tovosia has issued an apology to people who may feel hurt about the statements he uttered in parliament during the second reading of the constitutional amendment bill 2022.

“I apologize to the peace loving people of this country for the words I used in parliament recently,” Tovosia stated in a statement today.

“I understand that my statements were taken out of context to say I directed it to certain ethnic grouping, I want to put in paper that I never specifically called out any particular ethnic group,” Tovosia clarified.

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Tovosia further clarified that he never made mention of any particular ethnic group, and that the recent riot of November 2021 has involved the rest of the country.

“Although the architects came to Honiara in a ship, those who participated in the looting and burning of shops and buildings came from every Provinces including some Guadalcanal people as well,” Tovosia explained.

The Honorable MP for East Guadalcanal said his comments were directed to those rioters and those who planned the evil scheme.

Honorable Tovosia further clarified that Honiara is the home of every Solomon Islanders, and since Honiara is on Guadalcanal Island- as a Guadalcanal MP- he has the equal concern for the safety and security of Honiara and its residents.

“Every time a threat is being issued, Honiara is always the target. This is not on, as Honiara is the home for every Solomon Islanders and it is in that context that I strongly called on law breakers to stop using Honiara as a war zone,” Tovosia explained.

Tovosia also stated that he is married to a woman from Kwaio and have big children of mixed ethnicities- Guadalcanal and Malaita (Kwaio). Adding that, he would not stoop that low to label any ethnicity or Provinces.

The East Guadalcanal MP who is also the minister of Mines and Energy, however, reiterated that he sincerely apologizes for allowing his emotions to get the better of him but maintaining that he did not direct the comments at any particular ethnicity or Province. Adding that the comments were for those who orchestrated and involved in the provocation and participation in last November’s riots.

Tovosia concluded that the DCGA Government maintains a national principle of Peace and Unity within the country and rejects any attempts to orchestrate violence within our communities.

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