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High Court Officials receiving bribes must be investigated and charged: TSI

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LIKE any other citizen, Transparency Solomon Islands (TSI) was disgusted to learn that three officials working at the High Court were alleged to have received bribes total up to $88,300.00.

Information received by Transparency Solomon Islands, revealed cheque payments on different dates to the following High Court officials, namely Moses Inomae, Myonie Tutuo and Jeff Hou. All these payments were paid by Solomon Security Services (SSS) on the months of February to June this year. Inomae allegedly received the highest amount totaling $68,300. Whilst the Registrar of High Court Myonie Tutuo received $15,000 and sheriff Jeff Hou allegedly received $5,000.

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Transparency Solomon Islands on receiving these information followed up on the payments to verify that whether or not these are fees paid to the government treasury.  It turned out that the money was paid to the High Court Officers for their personal use. Furthermore, had these payments being made were to or related to normal operation of the government these would be on record and government receipts provided.  This is not the case for these payments.

Transparency Solomon Islands like any other citizen is more than concern with the form of payment published last week in the newspaper about this alleged bribery.  It disreputes and tarnish the good work of the High Court. Although, Transparency Solomon Islands has received corruption allegations leveled at certain High Court Officials by loggers, the High Court of Solomon Islands is one which many ordinary people’s hope rests when seeking justice. The High Court is the most important institution of the people and one which many still believe is free from being corrupted by corrupt people.  It should remain so and for the sake of protecting that trust, and integrity of the judiciary, TSI demands that the officers be suspended, and investigation conducted to charge them.  Now that this is out in the open TSI calls on the Solomon Islands Independent Commission Against Corruption to investigate the allegation.  Furthermore, it is important that they are dealt with immediately to restore public trust in the work of the courts.

The last place the people expect its officers to be involve in bribery or any corruption conduct is the High Court. The High Court is the highest office of the land that deals with both civil and criminal cases and as such, trust is vital. The Registrar of High Court and her work colleagues alleged to have received illegal payments from the security firm should be terminated as they do not have what it takes to be High Court Officials. Their moral, ethical behavior and values are wrong for their place of work, the High Court of Solomon Islands. Whether the company was coerced, deceived or intentionally made those payments, only an investigation will tell public the truth.  Were the amounts of money paid to officers intended for any favorable outcome of their case, needs verifying.  If an officer of the High Court is incapable of displaying ethical behavior in situations such as this, they should vacate their position for those more fit for the job with high integrity and able to display standards expected of the High Court to avoid such incident happening.

The integrity of the High Court is one that must be protected at all times or there will be absolute chaos, no rule of law and no democracy.  It is the last unaffected by corruption and the behaviour of these three named officers, has changed that.  The High Court must build back trust and it can start by terminating the said officers. This a very serious allegation and one that cannot be allowed to be pushed under the table. Officers who work for the High Court know this better and should at all times stay honest and faithful to their work. The integrity of the High Court process starts from where they are at the door of the High Court itself. This is a worry because other complains are on cases listed for hearing could be manipulated from where the administration of cases starts right up to the court room and the judges. From these allegations the officers have behaved dishonestly in the course of their duty, and as such they should be discipline or shown the exit door immediately. We cannot compromise the independence of the work of the courts by some corrupt individuals.

Transparency Solomon Islands continues to support the work of the judiciary’s continuous work in upholding the laws of the country, more so the integrity of the courts. Nothing will stop the good work of the judiciary, even these alleged officers. What was brought before the media must be referred to the integrity institution of the government such as the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) and the Leadership Code Commission (LCC) for disciplinary actions. The good work of the High Court must continue and should not dwell on the embarrassing incidences as the rightful institutions of the government are there to deal with unethical conducts of officers. Transparency Solomon Islands made an attempt to check on these payments with the Registrar of the High Court.  After many attempted calls it decides to publish the information it has.



High Court Staff payments paid by Solomon Security Services

DatePayeeChq #Date rcvd AmountSign Out byComments 
03/02/2021Moses Inomae45626903/02/2021           2,000.00Moses Inomaereceived by Moses himself
04/02/2021Moses InomaeCash04/02/2021           2,000.00Moses Inomaereceived by Moses himself
12/02/2021Moses Inomae45628212/02/2021           6,000.00Moses Inomaereceived by Moses himself
17/02/2021Moses Inomae68734017/02/2021           5,000.00Moses Inomaerecieved by Moses himself
22/02/2021Moses Inomae68740522/02/2021           2,500.00Moses Inomaereceived by Moses himself
24/02/2021Moses Inomae68741324/02/2021           3,000.00Moses Inomaereceived by Moses himself
01/03/2021Moses Inomae45629501/03/2021           3,000.00Moses Inomaereceived by Moses himself
11/03/2021Moses Inomae68743411/03/2021           6,000.00Samuelreceived by Samuel for Moses
16/03/2021Moses Inomae68743716/03/2021           1,000.00Moses Inomaereceived by Moses himself
19/03/2021Moses Inomae68744519/03/2021           1,500.00Moses Inomaereceived by Moses himself
23/03/2021Moses Inomae68744722/03/2021           1,500.00Moses Inomaereceived by Moses himself
24/03/2021Moses InomaeCash24/04/2021           5,000.00Samuelrecvd by Samuel for Moses
24/03/2021Moses Inomae45630924/03/2021           5,000.00Moses Inomaereceived by Moses himself
31/03/2021Moses Inomae45631931/03/2021        10,000.00Moses Inomaereceived by Moses himself
16/04/2021Moses Inomae68745616/04/2021           2,000.00Moses Inomaereceived by Moses himself
20/04/2021Moses Inomae45633620/04/2021           5,000.00Moses Inomaereceived by Moses himself
18/05/2021Moses Inomae68747318/05/2021           1,000.00Moses Inomaereceived by Moses himself
28/05/2021Moses Inomae68748228/05/2021              300.00Moses Inomaereceived by Moses himself
31/05/2021Moses Inomae45637431/05/2021           1,000.00Moses Inomaereceived by Moses himself
03/06/2021Moses Inomae45637803/06/2021           1,500.00Moses Inomaereceived himself
05/06/2021Moses InomaeCash05/06/2021           1,000.00Moses Inomaereceived by Moses himself
14/06/2021Moses Inomae45639814/06/2021           1,000.00not signeddelivered to Moses by Rex
 Moses InomaeCash            2,000.00Moses Inomaereceived by Moses himself
04/02/2021High Court Sherif45594804/02/2021           5,000.00Jeff Houreceived by Jeff Hou for High Court Sheriff
24/03/2021Meoni Tutuo (registrar)45630924/03/2021           5,000.00Jeff Houreceived by Jeff for Myonie
31/03/2021Myonie Tutuo45631931/03/2021        10,000.00Jeff Houreceived by Jeff Hou for Myonie Tutuo
 Total Payments          88,300.00  

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