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Govt response to “MPs’ PAID FOR LOYALTY” article

The government through the GCU in OPMC issued the statement condemning the attack
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The Democratic Coalition Government for Advancement refutes today’s front page article by Solomon Star’s Alfred Sasako titled “MPS PAID FOR LOYALTY.”

The article erroneously assumed, DCGA paid some 1.75 million dollars to Malaita MPs to remain with the government during last year’s Motion of No Confidence against Prime Minister Hon. Manaseh Sogavare.

In a statement today, DCGA corrects Solomon Star saying, the money referred to in this stale accusation is the National Development Funds.

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It explained, the NDF was first established by Taiwan when they provided these funds for discretionary use by the Prime Minister.

Previous Prime Ministers have exercised their discretion in allocating these funds.

However, when Taiwan gave these funds they did not require that these funds be used for development projects.

This has now changed under the Peoples Republic of China that require submission of proposal for targeted development sectors and mandatory acquittals before funds are released, until 2022. This arrangement is to ensure a transitional period after we switched diplomatic relations with Taiwan and will end in 2022.

It says, even Opposition MPs may wish to submit their proposals to the Prime Minister’s Office if they wish to.

Mr. Sasako’s lack of thorough investigation into this issue is poor journalism to republish baseless accusations already circulated in the local media and propagated by international agencies to discredit the PRC and leadership of the DCGA.

The PRC funding was transparently allocated to provide additional support to developing constituency projects during the transition period until 2022 when the grant would no longer be available.

An example where the NDF was used in  Marovo Constituency to connect Seghe hospital to the main power grid, including repainting of the full hospital, electrical rewiring and refitting, purchase and installation of ceiling fans and air cons.

This fund was never for political expediency hence the limited duration for which it was made available by the PRC. The politicization of the diplomatic switch to PRC by some of our politicians and media commentators are becoming desperate in their attempts to undermine the government despite the positive progress being made throughout all sectors during one of the most challenging periods in the history of our nation is becoming childish and tedious.

There should be more focus on advancing social and economic stability to support our development objectives rather than unnecessary politicking which serves no constructive purpose.



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