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Malaita non-exco meets Malaitan MPs, vows for a united province

The non-exco MPAs with the Leader of Opposition, Matthew Wale. Photo: Opposition Press
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HONIARA, 24th May 2022 – NON-EXECUTIVE Members of the Malaita Provincial Assembly have held positive and fruitful meetings with Malaitan parliamentarians in the government and Opposition group last week, in Honiara.

The group which was led by Hon Elijah Asilaua said they were thankful for the opportunity to come together as Malaitan leaders to discuss matters of concern for the province and its people.

During the meetings, the group stressed the importance of their relationship and working together for the betterment of the province.

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The group reaffirmed their commitment and total support to work with the Malaitan leaders in the national government and Opposition through the spirit of the Provincial Government Act (PGA), to advance the interests of the Provincial government and people.

They also urged the Daniel Suidani-led Malaita Alliance for Rural Advancement (MARA) executive government to also come forward and dialogue with the national government.

The non-executive members have called on the MARA government to dialogue with the national government as the agent of the national government, so that matters of concerns and aspirations are shared, consolidated, and addressed amicably.

The Asilaua-led group reiterated that the PGA allows for Suidani and his MARA government to seek an audience with the national government and that should be an opportunity they must count on.

They have asked the people of Malaita to understand their position and that they have no other intentions to work against the MARA government but would like to see a united Malaita moving forward.

The group reaffirmed that the recent passage of the Malaita Provincial original Budget 2022-2023 is a testament of their willingness to work with the MARA government and it also signifies their contribution to the development of the province.


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