Home Business Gov’t injects $1.2m and other incentives to support Detke’s Solomon Noni Corporation

Gov’t injects $1.2m and other incentives to support Detke’s Solomon Noni Corporation

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The Democratic Coalition for Advancement (DCGA), through its Economic Stimulus Package initiative has recently injected 1.2 million dollars to restore life into an ailing 2-year-old Noni local business registered as ‘Solomon Noni Corporation’.

On top of that, the Government, through the Ministry of Finance and Treasury is currently in discussion with Solomon Noni Corporation with an intention to support the company advancing its operation.

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The package involves tax and duties incentive that can benefit exporting farmers.

A Government statement explains, the support to the Noni Industry through the Economic Stimulus Package initiative is to fortify the industry, keeping it afloat and support rural farmers provide a market for the supply chain.

The support is spread to avoid dominant monopoly of the industry.   

Solomon Noni Corporation which was founded by the Member of Parliament for North West Guadalcanal, Bodo Dettke received 1.2 Million dollars through the ESP for materials and equipment to support the Noni business.

The Government believes the ESP support will definitely help the Corporation boost buying and production capacity.

Senior Cabinet Ministers, led by the Deputy Prime Minister Manasseh Maelanga recently visited the Corporation’s Burns Creek factory where they stumbled on more than One- hundred tons of rejected crude Noni juice sitting idle in the factory for more than 2 years. 

On average, One- hundred tons of crude Noni Juice could fetch more than SBD600 000.

According to Hon. Bodo, the reason for destroying the raw noni juice is because of quality control in international markets.

The intention of the program is genuinely to endow rural farmers.  

In September 2020, the Government approved an Incentive Package for the Noni Industry. The package operates under its own standard and requirements.

The Statement further reiterates that the ESP has no room for politics, as it is purposely to bring to fruition the government’s redirection strategy in this global pandemic crisis.

All Noni processing and exporting industries, including Solomon Noni Corporation are eligible to negotiate and enter into an MOU with the national government in order to benefit from the package.

“For any Noni farmers to be competitive in the international market, Noni businesses like Solomon Noni must properly seek to tap into the government’s incentive package.”

The Government through the ESP Committee is fully committed to the accountable implementation of the ESP in the interest and wellbeing of the people, national stability and economic empowerment.


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