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From Malaita to contesting for a seat in Finnish National Parliament, the story of Dr. Clay

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A medical doctor whose father comes from Small Malaita is entering the Finnish political arena in Europe aiming to become a Member of Parliament.

Dawson Jerome Ramoroto (JR) Clay whose father George Clay comes from Oloha Village in Small Malaita is vying for a place in the 200-seat Parliament of Finland for the April 2 Election.

Dawson qualifies through his mother Paivi Clay who is Finnish and had previously lived in the Solomon Islands.

A graduate medical doctor from Finland, Dawson grew up in the Solomons and spent his pre-school days at St Nicholas Primary School before he left for Finland to do his primary, secondary and university.

“He’s a proud Solo boy. We had to leave for Finland just because of the ethic tensions,” his father, Clay told SBMOnline.

Now 30 and still speaks fluent pidjin and certain words in the Sa’a language, Dawson has decided to run for national leadership at the highest level in Finland.

His father said Dawson was not so content with some of the policies the EU passed in Brussels so he has decided to run for Parliament to challenge those laws.

Clay says his family comes from a farm area of the country so when he expressed his views on those laws constituents in the area have thrown their support behind his candidacy including youths.

He will contest under the Freedom Alliance Party.

Asked what are his chances, Clay says Dawson’s believe is “anything is possible.”


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