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ESP UPDATE: ESP implementation continues despite media reports

Kava is amongst those to benefit from the budget
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The Government’s ESP Committee continues to progress the implementation of the ESP support program into the new year.

More than 2,000 applications have been approved so far and have received their support.

The Committee confirms that process has begun with getting in contact with all the remaining approved recipients to collect their letters of offer and signing of agreement.

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As part of requirement, those who have already signed their contracts will produce an invoice of their revised work plan and to be followed by disbursements of funds. 

Recipients whose support include equipment and machineries are required to collect them from selected suppliers.

Constituency offices are also providing the necessary support to deliver equipment and machineries to recipients who might find difficulties with logistics and transport.

Signing of letter of offers and contracts with local farmers who are among of the recipients of the Government’s Economic Stimulus Package and its committee is expected to continue throughout this week and the next.

Approvals for milling, furniture, crops and vegetable farming, and piggery are also ready for disbursement.

The Government through the ESP Committee is fully committed to the accountable implementation of the ESP in the interest of wellbeing of the people, national stability and economic empowerment.

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